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20 May 2010 @ 07:25 am
[OOC: Matt's Profile]  



[Name:] Matt Engarde

[Age:] 23 (May 21st, 1997)

[Gender:] Male

[Marital Status:] Single

[Sexuality:] Heterosexual but mostly for purposes of pleasure and maintaining his image. He is not incapable of finding a man attractive.

[Occupation:] Former actor, or more popularly known as the Nickel Samurai.

[Ladder Preference:] "A ladder? Like, who even uses those anymore, dude."



He's pretty apathetic when it comes to his parents, nor does he really bother keeping in contact with them. Bluebloods that didn't much care for his secretly promiscuous, partying lifestyle as a successful actor (after Celeste, that is), and his arrest only made his relationship with them take an awkward turn for the worst. Still, his mother drops by occasionally in hysterics, coddling her son, and rambling on about his trial being a farce.


Shoe: Likely the only living thing that Matt could ever trust or be genuinely nice to. He loves cats, his most of all.


Juan Corrida: Believe it or not, Matt and Juan were inseparable, as far back as elementary school. They were both raised as actors, but Juan was always talented in music, and Matt, talented in sports. Still, up until high school, Matt insisted on taunting Juan and challenging him to sports which would end in harmless squabbles between the two. Eventually, they graduated from high school and dedicated themselves full-time to their acting careers, and they rose in stardom. Their shows began to compete and their friendship grew sour. With their public images hanging over their heads, losing suddenly wasn't an option. Matt grew to despise him. Second-rate actor to a second-rate show, second-rate lover to his used goods, second-rate everything - the guy was a damn tool. Matt loved to maintain that childish facade around him for the public, - who bought his act unquestioningly - making backhanded comments about his career or reputation to the press, and provoking Corrida into challenging Matt to competitions or publicity stunts Corrida just couldn't match.

They started off innocently enough, bowling or soccer matches, but began to border on the obscene as their hatred for one another grew. Matt would breeze through all of their matches, - the more dangerous, the better for a man who took pleasure in being an adrenaline-junkie - taking secret, sadistic pleasure in humiliating his "unrequited" rival with every defeat. Any opportunity to rile Corrida, manipulate and beat him to the ground, and laugh it off with his charm was another opportunity to crush Corrida's spirits even further and, although he would never openly admit it, he was obsessed with that rivalry - paranoid and jealous to the point all his thoughts, and all his actions revolved around defeating Corrida. Obsessed to the point he would not object to tapping his phones or planting transmitters. When he realized Adrian and Corrida were planning on sabotaging his reputation, he didn't even hesitate in hiring a hit on him.

Phoenix Wright: Initially, Matt was content in going along with Shelly's arranged proposal for Wright to be his defense attorney, amused by how oblivious Wright was about the entire situation, but his views on him only soured as he began to notice the man dig deeper and deeper into personal affairs Matt was too sure would've been kept well under wraps. However, even when Wright managed to crack the entire case but was still obliged to gain Matt's acquittal in his final trial, Matt had little, if any, hard feelings for the man - he was merely doing his job, naive as he was, just as Matt was doing what he had to do to avoid indictment. He even did Wright the favor of revealing his true intentions to him - no small feat. In the end, when the tape containing Corrida's assassination fell into Wright's hands (although clouded by fear of Shelly), he hated him with a fiery passion. The tape embodied both his pride and his downfall.

As far as Matt is concerned, Wright selfishly dug into his past life all for the sake of the kidnapping of a stupid girl, wrecked a reputation he'd killed his rival to protect, set a deadly assassin against him, and stole the very piece of treasured evidence that finally had him convicted. To this day, Matt is convinced his plan was foolproof from the start. He may (mentally) concede to the fact that he was overconfident in revealing so many of his plans and careless for not asking Shelly to properly dispose of evidence, but he puts most of the fault on Wright for being arrested. Adrian was never much of a threat, even if she did attempt to frame him, but Wright exposed Matt and shattered any possibility for an acquittal, and for that, he loathes him. If "Mister Lawyer Dude" hadn't meddled, Matt is positive he would've gotten away with his crimes.

Shelly de Killer: "I don't believe anyone, least of all assassins." Even if he wouldn't confess it, Matt was scared of the man, down to the moment he sent the email securing the details concerning Corrida's assassination. Matt may be a sociopath, but he isn't a criminal - least of all a criminal that offers services as one. Matt could only fantasize about the ways he'd kill Corrida if given the chance, but considering how highly he valued his reputation, he knew he needed to hire a professional to do his dirty work for him. He was weary of the contract Shelly set for his services, so he made sure to have a form of blackmail against the man should he ever decide to turn on him. But when Wright revealed the truth to Shelly during his cross-examination, Matt lost all composure.

He's terrified of Shelly and paranoid for his life, and for that, he cherishes the time he spends in prison - that much further from the possibility of being killed. Even in confinement, so much as the thought of Shelly makes him jittery. But in the end, Matt doesn't regret planting the transmitters or making the tape - quite the contrary, should he have gotten his acquittal, the tape would've been a rather voyeuristic source of "entertainment" for him. However, Matt does regret being arrested over that piece of evidence when he could've had the pleasure of killing Corrida first-hand instead of hiring Shelly.

Adrian Andrews: Stupid, codependent bitch. Matt knew only too well how torn up she was about Celeste and took full advantage of that when she became his agent. She did prove to be useful while he was still under her management, even if she dug in too deep and conspired with Corrida behind his back. He bears plenty of ill will to the fact she tampered with Corrida's body and planted evidence on his costume, but he found it more amusing than anything to how ineffective her plans turned out to be. And sure, he had to work especially hard to put up that lovable facade for her and play dumb to the point it got to being nearly painful to hear himself "consult" her at just about every instance the opportunity presented itself, but she played along so beautifully - Adrian was at his constant disposal without even knowing it, under his constant watch. So adorably oblivious to the fact he had the constant upper-hand. He'd love to talk to her again sometime. Maybe even shatter whatever resolve it is she's managed to develop since his leaving.


Celeste Inpax: An old flame and a long dead one at that. She was fun while it lasted, but Celeste got to be boring for Matt. He was young and restless and she fit the bill for a love interest at the time - not to mention only helped in "refreshing" that flawless reputation of his for the media - but he had his own agenda (monogamy not being on that agenda, for that matter). In the long run, he found it far more entertaining leading her on and setting her up for a rejection he couldn't even be bothered to fake a reason about. Matt was only delighted when Celeste later developed relations with Corrida and he had the pleasure of personally revealing to his rival that he was engaged to Matt's sloppy seconds. Admittedly, Matt was stunned when word got to him about her suicide - mainly because he'd never given her credit for being so smart. He never blamed himself for her death, and if he ever did, it was hardly worth feeling guilty over.

Will Powers: He's...his predecessor, apparently? The Steel Samurai, right? That's what Wright told him, anyway. Nonchalantly recalls meeting the guy at Global Studios and working with him - shortly thereafter realizing exactly why the man wears a mask for the cameras. Eesh, a face that'd scare away the entire fanbase. Ah well. Not everyone is privileged enough to be a handsome devil like Matt Engarde.

Jack Hammer: Met him as well - sensed a bit of the resentment for Powers the few times he watched them at work - but hardly batted an eye when he heard about his murder or Powers nearly being framed for it. Vaguely regrets not ever looking further into the case, as it'd probably have tipped him off to Wright's prowess in the courtroom.

Pearl Fey: Cute little girl, if not annoying. Doesn't really think much else of her.


[General personality:]

Matt is, in all senses of the phrase, two-faced. He doesn't trust anyone, and though he's made it a habit to play dumb for everyone he meets, it's only a ploy to gain their trust, so he may manipulate them more easily when it's advantageous to him. He's incapable of growing close to people or being honest with them, merely seeing them as objects, and using them to whatever personal gain he can. For that, he's very possessive and secretive of his past lives. Matt, to put it shortly, is a sociopath. He lacks a conscience nor does he want one hindering him. He's sharp, calculating, selfish, and arrogant, relying on two major assets that he's found to win him just about anything he wants: his acting ability and his good looks. (Sadly, Wright has proven otherwise, but he'd rather not think about that.)

Under normal circumstances, Matt would rather not waste time on a fight, but if he's somehow put into a bad mood, angered, or he just plain feels like it (which will probably happen), he will not hesitate to bullying the hell out of someone, delightfully colorful language, intimidating even women, or using violence to prove his point. In prison, he makes a significant amount of less effort in putting up his pleasant facade.

Matt, if not aggravated, is generally pleasant to be around, but even his fake persona can come off as annoying. Careless or helpless, being incapable of making decisions for himself, airheaded, and, overall, something of a Narcissistic jerk, hard as he tries to be charming. He has a particular weakness for women and cats, so he will be extremely flirtatious and pine quietly for Shoe should the subject somehow come up.

He loves spending money ($3800 toothbrushes and teddy bears anyone), clothes, electronics, motorcycles, alcohol, female company, grooming himself, is a skilled athlete (playing football, soccer, tennis, fencing, and judo), and he always did his own stunts, no matter what the tabloids say.ele

Matt is also abysmally tone deaf.


He still has the bang over his right eye - and the flaky smile to go with it - but as a result of the "episode" he experienced on his final trial, his face isn't quite as pretty as it used to be (something he obviously denies). There are very minor signs of scarring on his entire face, the more obvious concentration well hidden by his hair. He still insists on dressing sharply, and they let him keep his wristphone, even if it has no connection to speak of. Still a nifty gadget to show off to inmates, after all.

Should he ever be pushed to the point his fake persona fades, he can be intimidating when he wants to be - athletic and standing at nearly six feet. He flips his bang back and reveals the heavy scars that run along half of his face, the causes for them unknown (but presumably self-inflicted).


He was born into a wealthy family, his father the owner of a major corporation. But it did not prevent him from having a rather dysfunctional childhood, neglected by a womanizing father and a depressed, alcoholic mother. However, his parents had little to do with his behavior; it didn't take them long to realize they had an unnatural child.

They picked up on his more unsavory qualities when he was still very young and even if they were frightened by them, they made use of the aggression. Willing to take whatever measure it took to prevent their son from becoming a criminal (and having the scandal taint the corporate name), they paid through the nose to gather consultants to discipline him and force him to learn how to hide his sociopathic urges, venting it into competition: i.e, sports, and, more importantly, show business. It was through acting that Matt met Juan Corrida, and their parents encouraged the boyish competition. Juan caught occasional glimpses of Matt's dark nature, but for the most part, the two were raised as good friends.

Eventually, Matt's knack for compulsively lying for scouts or agencies developed a new, endearing persona for himself: the flaky, naive Matt Engarde most knew him by. He did low-budget commercials, he modeled, he attempted musical theater (and failed miserably), he played sports competitively, but as he grew into adolescence, he realized he wanted more than just bit parts. He wanted to be a famous actor. Matt, a teenage extra on the set of the day's hit television show on Global Studios, took his chances and seduced a married, female producer and blackmailed her into a role on the show. His charm made him, quite literally, an overnight success.

Celeste Inpax assumed his management, and eventually the two fell in love - or so it seemed. His relationship with Celeste was advantageous to him, seeing as she was a big name in management. Celeste also had an immaculate reputation in the business, and Matt knew being associated with her would only help his career. For awhile, any attachment he may have had for Celeste was not as fake as Adrian may have once thought. Truly, he was happy with her, even if he ultimately didn't care about her.

Once Matt landed the lead of the Nickel Samurai and boomed in popularity, he broke up with Celeste out of boredom. He much preferred floozies and partying behind the scenes, and found himself easily maintaining his reputation for being "refreshing as a spring breeze" for the press without her help. He was young, goodlooking, with a huge female following, and he reveled in it. Corrida also rose to stardom with his role as the Jammin' Ninja and the two began to go at each other's throats for the sake of public image and popularity ratings. Friendly competition Matt once playfully challenged Corrida to slowly escalated into a fierce, almost violent, rivalry he modeled his lifestyle around.

Later, he learned that Celeste joined Worldwide Studios and took on management of Corrida, who eventually made a public announcement of marriage. Matt hated Corrida all the more for this, but found immense pleasure in revealing to his rival that he'd already been in a relationship with Celeste. Matt was amused to find Corrida reacted horribly and called off the marriage almost immediately. However, he was shocked when Corrida burst into his quarters later, angrily blaming Matt for her suicide.

Matt never took Celeste to be the type capable of suicide, putting up such a businesslike facade, but brushed it off easily enough. That is, until his thoughts turned to the possibility of there being an incriminating suicide note - a suspicion confirmed by the tabloids publicizing the "romance" between his new manager Adrian Andrews and Corrida. Matt went to the great length of planting transmitters into bears, sending them to Corrida anonymously, and spent most of his time watching his rival obsessively several months before the Hero of Heroes award ceremony. When he was sure that Adrian and Corrida were planning on revealing the suicide note at a secret press conference after the ceremony, Matt hired Shelly de Killer and had him pose as a butler in his home.

Shelly told him that everything would be taken care of in his absence and that Shelly would find an attorney that would get his full acquittal. So Matt was detained shortly after Corrida's assassination and was soon introduced to Phoenix Wright, where he reluctantly accepted his help and told him frankly: "I didn't kill anyone and that includes Juan Corrida." Matt soon found out as the trial unfurled that Shelly had kidnapped Maya Fey in order to force Wright to comply with his demands and was convinced the acquittal might as well have been his - even if his reputation suffered a few blows in the process.

Unfortunately, Wright dug deeper than no average defense attorney and Matt was inevitably forced to tell him the truth. Matt had his blackmail against Shelly to cushion his fall after all, so even if he was annoyed with the minor inconvenience, overall, Matt was confident the outcome of the final trial would be in his favor. He was proven very wrong. His ingenuous plans were publicly foiled, his face a self-mutilated, bleeding mess, and he was left to rot in jail, in fear of Shelly.

tl;dr Matt is a sick fuck
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