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18 June 2010 @ 05:32 pm
[SCENE] Matt and Mimi in "Motorsexual"  
(OOC: sorry for such inactivity guys! I'll try to pick up the pace!)

((Waaay backdated to May 21st, Matt's 23rd birthday. Takes place mid-afternoon at the prison.))

Mimi: *Preparing to meet Matt Engarde, the rather handsome smoothtalker she spoke to her on last journal entry, she wears her nicest set of clothes: a form-fitting deep-red faux cashmere sweater and a white skirt that ends just below her knees. She fixes herself up with what little make-up she still owns before grabbing a small pile of car and motorcycle fan magazines on her bed and quickly "running" out of her open cell as fast as she can in her heeled shoes.*

Mimi: *Her thoughts begin racing as she heads for the gymnasium where she planned to meet Matt* Oh man, talk about short notice! I meet a fine guy like that yesterday and it's his birthday today? Just my luck. I can't mess this up! He's the best lookin' guy I've met in this cooler since Portsman! Sure he may be a little younger, but that can't hurt anyone, right? I'm only ahead by, like, maybe a year!

Mimi: *After a few minutes she finally approaches the gym, keeping her eyes peeled for the young brown-haired actor, hoping he'll show up as she holds her collection of magazines to her chest nervously* ...he should be around here somewhere...

Matt: *He isn't particularly nervous with his meeting Mimi - Matt figures being his charming self is a good first impression enough - so he dresses in his same motorcycle jacket and takes a few minutes to admire himself in his mirror while combing his hair. He takes his sweet time to show up and eyes her from around the corner when he finally does arrive near their meeting spot, pleased with what he sees. Matt sneaks up on her, lightly tapping her on the shoulder and makes sure to wear his most charming smile." Hey, babe! Kept you waiting, huh?

Mimi: ...! *She spins around feeling him tap her shoulder, hearing his voice for the first time. She nearly melts like an ice cream cone--the young man's smile is even cuter than Jacques'* H-Hey! Hi Matt! *she tries to quickly collect her thoughts and calm down so she won't come off as a total spaz* Nice to finally meet you!

Matt: *laughs softly* Haha, I bet. Not everyday you meet a celebrity. No need to be so nervous, though, babe! I don't bite. *He notices the bundle of magazines she's holding in her arms and points curiously to it.* You need any help holding those?

Mimi: Oh! *She straightens her arms, holding them out slightly for him* Um, these are for you! Happy Birthday!

Matt: *Shocked, receiving a gift at all on such short notice. He blinks owlishly at her for a few seconds, but breaks just as quickly into a beam and accepts the stack of magazines all too gladly.* Wow...Mimi babe, you, like...totally shouldn't have.

Mimi: *She clasps her hands together in front of her a bit nervously* They're vintage car and bike mags. There's still some posters in them if, you know, you like, want to color your cell a bit. It's kind of short notice, but I promise to get you something better soon!

Matt: *It's not that he's not used to getting gifts or anything - of course not, he's a star - but it's clear to him Mimi's giving away something valuable to her and the generosity throws him off, especially in a place like prison. Huh. It can't be helped; women have always thrown themselves at him, after all. Eventually, he assumes his usual smile and proceeds to flick through a couple of the pages on the magazine at the top of the stack.* Thanks, babe! *His eyes betray him a bit; he can't contain his excitement by the spreads in the pages.* Oh, man, a Cagiva! ♥ How'd you manage to get a hold of an issue - *makes a double-take when he checks the date of the issue* from '89?!

Mimi: *She finally breaks out in a proud smile.* Beautiful, huh? They've got a nice article about the Freccia model inside that one. My dad is, like, nuts about bikes too--he's a mechanic. A few of those issues he got himself back in the day, but I think a few might have belonged to my grandfather. Dad gave them to me when I was...fourteen, I think? But I've got a lot more where that came from.

Matt: *Barely hears what Mimi tells him, continuing to flip through the pages and biting his lower lip. Needless to say, he's ecstatic.* They just don't make bikes like they used to. You don't know what kind of cash I put down to look everywhere for these models, Mimi babe. *Sighs and stares longingly at a spread of a classic Suzuki model.* Even if you find the bike you want, it's never mint-condit, so you can only use it as a decoration - you know, hanging it in front of the mantelpiece or something. I've gone to every mechanic out there to get a custom-job in the old models - the hydraulics just don't work! Babe... *pouts back up at her, almost starry-eyed* ...I can't even imagine actually riding one of these.

Mimi: That's so true. *Her smile turns sympathetic, though she's immensely happy he seems to be enjoying his surprise.* The only time I've seen the ol' ladies actually in like, riding condition was in a convention or two for demonstration, and that's when I got lucky! You, like, can't even find most of these bikes anymore. I've had some high school sweethearts with sweet enough rides, but I'd totally sell half of my soul to own a 1998 Canyon 600. *She mutters her next words more to herself than to him* Preferably a red one.

Matt: Nice choice, babe; dirtbikes are awesome. Gotta say, though, I'm into the sportbikes. My Ducati was my life. Bright red...6-speed gearbox...lightweight clutch...dual-seat and everything! Man... *finds himself unable to contain another sigh* ...I miss that bike.

Mimi: Ducati, aw man, those are some sweet pieces of hardware. Never saw many of those around where I used to live, but my rich neighbor got his son a 2006 Cagiva Navigator, like, before I started studying to be a nurse. If that bike was a person, I would have its children, holy crap.

Matt: *Finally closes the magazine, and smiles at her more widely than ever.* Babe, where have you been all my life...?

Mimi: Oh youuu. *her happy smile returns* C'mon. I'm just a machinery nut. Oh hey, did you know they tried to make a Ferrari bike before? I wished for the actual car since I was, like, nine!

Mimi: The bike looked pretty...suggestive though. Kinda' scary.

Matt: *shrugs* Huh. Must be an Italian thing. Hey, babe...let's find a better place to talk. Here is kind of - *looks around indicatively* open, I guess.

Mimi: *blinks, wondering if he means what she thinks he means, but nods in case she's wrong* O-Okay, sure! Umm, the yard is kind of "open" too, but I don't think there's gonna be a lot of people out right now. I mean, if that's okay?

Matt: *nods and gives her a disarming half-smile* Sure thing.

(The two of them begin walking down the hallway towards the end of the building.)

Mimi: *Walking at Matt's left side, she shyly glances at him when he doesn't appear to be looking. She is very intrigued by the faint white scars that stretch across his cheek, nose and forehead, and wonders what in the world happened to him. Ultimately deciding asking would be too forward for now, she chooses to remain silent about it.* ...

Mimi: So, um, how long have you been here, Matt...?

Matt: *He catches a glimpse of her by the corner of his eye, looking at him, but thinks nothing of it. She must still be nervous. He brushes that thought aside and chews his lower lip in thought, looking unapologetically cheerful when he replies.* I got in here...like, the end of March last year. You got in here about the same time too, yeah?

Mimi: Umm, I got here in like...2017? Sometime around July, sooo...yeah, I got here a couple of months before you did. I like, feel pretty bad I didn't say hi sooner!

Matt: No problem, babe. I'm glad enough there are cuties like you at all in this place. Gets...lonely, otherwise.

Mimi: I can say the same about you! It does get really boring around here without someone to talk to. Some people in here will try to ruin your day just because they feel like it. *A small tone of bitterness can be heard in her voice as she remembers Diego Armando.* It's...aggravating.

Matt: *the bitterness in her voice does not go unnoticed by him* I noticed that dude with the toaster face keeps going out of his way to pick on you. What a lowlife, man. Probably doesn't have much else better to do with his time.

Mimi: *She can't stifle her resulting giggle at his remark* Pffft...!! *She takes a moment to collect herself, brushing her hair out of her face.* So you noticed him, huh? Armando doesn't like me because I tried to frame someone in this family of weirdos he likes. It's kind of pathetic, really. I'm hardly the worst thing to happen to them. *Her face twists a bit in annoyance* Arguably, he is. He's in here for killing the mom of the girl I tried to frame. At least when I got her in trouble it, like, wasn't personal. It was actually her crazy aunt's idea.

Matt: *His self-satisfied smirk turns into a scoff.* Could a guy be any more of a hypocrite?

Matt:: Anyway, babe...if you don't mind me asking - who was the chick you were trying to frame?

Mimi: *Her tone of voice is calm, but it's easy to tell she doesn't enjoy discussing the topic at hand* ...Some very unlucky kid named Maya Fey. All of the Feys are into this occult channeling crap. It hasn't done them many favors, I can tell you that.

Matt: ... *That name strikes a sour chord and he chooses his next words carefully, as he doesn't want Mimi to...dig...unnecessarily into his past affairs.* Huh...Fey, Fey - sounds familiar. *free hand scratches his head, pretending to scrape his brain for the reason for its familiarity and breaks into an alarmingly bright smile when he snaps his finger and feigns his discovery of it.* I think the guy I hired kidnapped her for ransom or something. This Fey chick must be totally stupid getting caught up in all this. Or unlucky, I guess.

Mimi: *Stops walking for a moment to stare at him* Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on a sec. Your hitman kidnapped Fey? *Pauses, her eyes widening* Wait a sec...the lawyer in your case...was his name Phoenix Wright?

Matt: *Stops immediately in his tracks, brow twitching.* ...Yes.

Mimi: *Her mouth drops in shock. She looks away after a minute, her eyes filled with numerous emotions--anger, sadness, nostalgia.* ...Did he...catch you, too?

Matt: *He doesn't even attempt to mask his bitterness now; the subject of Wright puts him in an immediately bad mood.* You could say that.

Mimi: *A mantle of guilt settles over her; she didn't at all want to make him upset* ...He's quite the nosy man, isn't he? You know...he got fired a while ago.

Matt: Yeah, good riddance. The guy's a total crook.

Mimi: He was a lot smarter than I gave him credit for...and sneaky. *Her voice becomes rather quiet again, and slightly shy* But...you had reasons for doing what you did, right? *She takes a few steps forward, looking at him, hoping he'll start walking with her again.*

Matt: *Shrugs and proceeds to walk nonchalantly beside her again.* Of course, babe. *laughs* You really don't think I'd just off the first guy that pissed me off, huh?

Mimi: *shakes her head almost violently* No way! Uh-uh. You're way too nice for that. *She places her hand over her mouth in a bit of embarrassment, but remembers to keep walking* Oh jeez, I'm sorry! I just met you, and...it's probably totally dumb for me to like, just assume things about you. But, well...I think you're cool...

Matt: *His visible eye momentarily darkens as he savors the pleasure of knowing that within their first conversation, he's already got her wrapped so hopelessly tight around his finger. Matt certainly hasn't lost his touch. He shakes his head and reassuringly waves his hand toward Mimi, faking shy laughter.* No need to apologize, Mimi babe. I don't blame you. It's cute! You sound just like my fan club.

Mimi: *sighs with a small laugh* Oh boy, that's just what I was afraid of...sorry for being such a total spaz. I didn't mean to like, ruin the mood or anything. Like I said, I stink at first impressions... *Secretly, her curiosity about his past has increased tenfold, but she makes no mention of it knowing it's a topic for another day.*

Matt: And I told you before, relax. I remember a fan that asked for some of my hair once. My manager, like, forced me to get a restraining order. *forms a troubled expression* More than one, actually...I could make a list... *shakes his head* But, yeah! Talkin' about first impressions - you can't get much worse than that, right? You got no idea how relieved I am being in a place where people don't go begging for autographs or chasing me with cameras and stuff. You're totally cool, babe. You're almost as refreshing as me. And you're super cute too.

Mimi: *She laughs, still a bit nervous, but she knows he's trying to make her feel better.* That is pe-ret-ty bad. I know what it's like to get..."annoying" press. It sucks big time. Th-Thank you, Matty...y-you don't mind me calling you that, do you? It's just, you're totally cute too.

Matt: *giving her yet another one of his most charming smiles, one reserved especially for female company.* Call me what you want, babe.

Mimi: *She grins happily, his smile nearly charming her right out of her shoes.* Cool! You're awesome, Matty! Oh, we're here already... *She pushes open the door that leads to the yard as they walk past the two guards on duty standing in the doorway, who look at them only for a moment. The weather outside is a little cloudy, but the air is very warm. The yard is surprisingly empty of visitors, the only signs of life being two more guards pacing about on the other side of the fence.* Ooh, at least it's warm out.

Mimi: *After a quick scan of her surroundings, she returns her attention to Matt.* So you were...the Nickel Samurai, right? You must have been real busy all the time, huh?

Matt: *Dropping the stack of magazines onto a nearby table, he slips onto the bench backwards and props up an elbow casually on the table behind him. He beams back at Mimi and offers her a seat beside him.* Tell me about it, babe. Being drilled into the ground with my trainer; shooting scenes enough times to make a guy sick; photoshoots and all that other publicity...it's not all as glamorous as TV makes it out to be. No complaints about pay though, haha. *sighs and feigns a wistful expression, figuring he might as well milk this benevolent act for all its worth - his stomach almost turns at how sickeningly sentimental his words sound.* But seriously, at the end of the day...thinking about the fans is what makes it all really worth it. All those kids telling me the Nickel Samurai's their hero. It's nice.

Mimi: Jeez. Sounds like it was a lot of work. *She takes her offered position at his side, smoothing out her skirt as she sits.* I've done a bit of...acting...myself. It's no picnic when you're, like, surrounded by people you can't stand. It's enough to drive you crazy. *She hopes he won't pry into her own past too much, even though she's attempting to sympathize of her own free will.* But...at least you got some nice recognition for it! Some girls I knew really worshiped the ground you walked on. Or, they would, if they knew where you'd been.

Matt: *Quirks his visible brow and forces a sympathetic look.* Believe me, Mimi babe, I've been there. I know how that is. It's... *averts his eyes as he finds himself unable to contain a momentarily dark expression -* not easy...pretending to be someone you aren't. *- but breaks into a peal of soft laughter.* But I'm guessing you really had your friends fooled, huh? Especially if they were that smart - *he shrugs and grins with yet another self-serving comment* - you know, having such good taste.

Mimi: ... *She turns her head at his laughter to look at him, then looks towards the ground as his words sink in, wondering if he knows about her past--nah, they just met, how could he.* Thanks, Matt...but...like, it wasn't exactly my friends I had to fool. I don't...have very many anymore. But the people I had to lie to...they weren't my friends. *She pauses for a moment.* They weren't too smart, either. *She toys with her sleeve, beginning to feel a bit hot from the weather and from her own jitters.* I...I don't think anybody should, like...feel they have to be someone they're not. *Her voice becomes quietly resentful.* If other people can't accept the way you are, then they don't deserve to be your friends. Or your family. Whatever one it is...!

Matt: *His visible eye narrows - he's considering Mimi's words and the emotions behind them are all too obvious - and just barely stops itself from rolling back in annoyance. He's not weak enough to wear his heart on his sleeve like her - along with other nameless individuals he's had to deal with in the past. Either way, Mimi's got a story to tell, involving a sibling rivalry and some kind of an Elektra complex from what he can tell of what he read of her journal entries. Maybe he'll pry another time, when it's more advantageous to him. For now, she's already eating out of the palm of his hand...Matt figures it's best he doesn't push his chances.* You're right.*places a hand comfortingly on her shoulder and looks concerned* We only met today and I wouldn't change a thing about you, Mimi babe. All those losers that give you a hard time? Just forget them. They're not worth your time if they can't see you're totally awesome, even when - *swells with pride* - Matt Engarde says so.

Mimi: ...! *She looks up at him and soon finds herself smiling. She allows herself a giggle at his last comment, ignorant of the dark thoughts running through Matt's mind.* But like, of course. Who would question taste like yours? *She beams.* Thank you, Matty. S-Sorry to make the mood all weird like that again!

Matt: Not a problem. *He moves the hand placed on her shoulder carefully up along the side of her neck, giving it a small stroke before pulling away. Then he gives her a fond, heart-melting smile.* Really babe, anytime you feel like talking, you come to me. I'm all ears.

Mimi: *She can hear him just barely over the loud slamming sound of her heartbeat in her ears, feeling a pink blush spread over her cheeks.* Th-Thank you, Matty...that's real nice of you...if you, like, ever need my help, I'll do anything I can for you! I mean, well, I can't do much, but maybe there's something I could do!

Matt: *winks* I'll hold you to that, babe.

Mimi: S-Sure, no problem! *Her eyes widen* Oh, wait, what time is it? I think it's almost dinner time! Why don't we drop off your present at your cell, and like, um, head down to the cafeteria together...?

Matt: Sure! *slips out of his seat and gathers the magazines into one arm, offering Mimi his other arm in a playful gesture of suaveness* ...?

Mimi: *Surprised but certainly not about to turn down such a chivalrous gesture, she shyly takes his arm.* You're an actor, a bike enthusiast and a gentleman to boot! You're full of surprises, aren't you?

Matt: *Leads her out of the yard in confident strides, while laughing almost tentatively at her compliment* Hate to break it to you, but that might be more of the actor in me than the gentleman... *smirks* I just can't help myself around beautiful women.

Mimi: *She blinks curiously at his first comment, but almost immediately forgets about it hearing his second.* Like, where have you been all my life, really! *She lightly squeezes his arm happily, blissfully unaware of her dreamboat's true intentions.*
Mimi Miney: *happy dance*chevrolady on June 18th, 2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
((Matty's, like, one of the coolest guys EVER. He's totally not some two-faced sociopath who only loves cats and uses his charm and influence to get whatever he wants while mindscrewing people!

Diego Armandonosugar_nomilk on June 19th, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)

Ah, it's a good sign when reprehensible people dislike you; I must be doing something right.

Fun scene, guys--the enfolding of a truly touching romance.]]
Mimi Miney: What now?chevrolady on June 19th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
((*hiss hiss* >:3 I know, right))
Kenhenamesthesky on June 19th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
((Haha, oh you two! Birds of a feather! Can't wait to see what will come of this hellish union. ;3))
Jacques Portsmanolympiclogic on June 19th, 2010 09:00 am (UTC)
[[:V Mimi you are so gullible. I like gullible girls.

Great scene, guys! Can't wait to see more with you two! Things are bound to get ~scandalous~.]]
Mimi Miney: RAGEchevrolady on June 19th, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
((I am not gullible, Jacques! >:( I'M JUST...TRUSTING. Matty's coooool~

...except for the whole closet sociopath thing.))